Buy and Install Car And Motor Tracker


  • NGN: ₦59,284.11
  • CAD: CA$70.87
  • EUR: €44.92
  • GBP: £41.01
  • GHS: GH₵690.00

About this item

  • ★Free APP and Web Tracking Platform:
    You can have a real time tracking on app and have its historical route.
    (Supports Android/IOS, Web/WAP)
  • ★Easy to setup and operate: Built-in switching power supply, wide voltage input range(suitable for all cars), plug and work.

  • ★Hidden and Portable Tracker: This tracker can be used to track the
    location of the vehicles(renting car,truck,moto,freezer,boat etc)

  • ★Cut off Oil and Power Function: You can send a simple SMS command to
    this tracker’s phone number to stop car engine when the car speed is
    less than 20km/h.

  • ★Geo-Fence: Set up a geo-fence for this tracker to restrict its
    movements within a district. It will send messages to the admin numbers
    when it breaches the district.
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Buy and Install Car And Motor Tracker